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Aerial photographs of York and Yorkshire, capturing both archaeological features and the changing landscape throughout the 20th century.

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Attractions & Exhibitions

The Trust (now York Archaeology) has operated archaeological and heritage-based attractions in York since the 1980s, including the Jorvik Viking Centre, the Archaeological Resource Centre, Barley Hall, and Thomas Gent's Coffee House. Exhibitions, both at these sites and elsewhere, showcased the material excavated by the fieldwork team and told the story of York and its residents through archaeological evidence.

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The Conservation lab was established in 1972 in preparation for the care and treatment of objects from the significant waterlogged archaeological deposits of York. Since then, it has specialised in the conservation of maritime and waterlogged materials both from York excavations, and further afield. Work ranges from in-situ treatment on archaeological sites to treatment of artefacts prior to exhibition. This collection showcases some of the diverse projects carried out by the Conservation team over the past three decades.

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The Trust worked closely with the Environmental Archaeology Unit at the University of York. Founded in 1975 with funding from the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission and the Leverhulme Trust, the EAU assessed and analysed environmental data from excavations, including soil samples, pollen, plant macrofossils, invertebrates, and vertebrates (particularly fish).

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The Trust (now York Archaeology) has undertaken over 2,500 excavations, watching briefs, and evaluations to date. This collection includes site record photographs and pictures of archaeologists at work.

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Maps & Plans

Maps and site plans are an essential part of the archaeological process. This collection shows some of the historic references and contemporary excavation plans consulted or created for projects.

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People at Work

This collection showcases the diverse work of staff at York Archaeological Trust.

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Press & PR

Over the past few decades, the Trust (particularly the Jorvik Viking Centre) has attracted a great deal of press and famous visitors from King Charles III to Doctor Who.

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Small Finds

Small finds are interesting or distinctive objects from excavations which are individually recorded and photographed. Some of the most important finds from our excavations can be found in this collection. 

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Miscellaneous & Uncategorised

Miscellaneous and uncategorised photographs, including participatory projects, operations, and views of York and Yorkshire.

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