Archaeology of York Fascicules

In the early 1970s shortly after its foundation, York Archaeological Trust (now York Archaeology) decided to address the issue of delayed archaeological publication by creating The Archaeology of York, a 20-volume series intended to provide a comprehensive overview of York Archaeology's excavations. Each volume addresses a particular topic within the archaeology and history of York, divided into individual parts, i.e. fascicules. 72 fascicules have been produced between 1976 and 2023 detailing our excavations, and the artefactual, skeletal, and environmental evidence gathered from our work in the city.

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Digitising the Fascicules: The Archaeology of York series comprises 72 total fascicules.  The Collections & Archives department of York Archaeology have already scanned 56 fascicules from the series since the work began in 2018. Over the course of 2023, these raw scans will be digitally cleaned, flattened, analysed through OCR, and compiled into complete PDF copies for each fascicule. The remaining 16 fascicules will be scanned in tandem to the aforementioned work thanks to a financial contribution by the Friends of the York Archaeological Trust. The Collections & Archives team aims to produce and publish two to three digitised fascicules per week up to 8 December, 2023. The release schedule and progress may be found here.


In 2021, a new monograph series was established to publish the results of excavations across the country undertaken by York Archaeology.

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Interim Reports

Between 1973 and 2001, York Archaeological Trust regularly published the Interim series. This was described in their opening issue as “a small regular bulletin, informative but informal and inexpensive.” The series covered contemporary excavations, showcased new finds, and gave a general background on archaeological practice.

Yorkshire Archaeology Today

In 2001, the Interim series was replaced with Yorkshire Archaeology Today. This publication continued to provide regular news of Trust activity in a widely accessible format. Yorkshire Archaeology Today benefited from higher production values, allowing readers to better enjoy sharp photos of sites and finds. In time, Yorkshire Archaeology Today was even able to make the leap into full colour!

Northern Archaeology Today

By 2012, the Trust had expanded to include ArcHeritage in Sheffield, Northlight Heritage in Scotland, and Trent and Peak Archaeology in Nottingham. With these units expanding the reach of the Trust beyond Yorkshire, our regular publication was relaunched as Northern Archaeology Today. This continued to provide news of work throughout the Trust’s network of units, as well as featuring articles from beyond the Trust.